Welcome to the online exhibition made by students at the summer course ‘Photography in a New Media Environment’. The course is teached at Aarhus University in the summer of 2012 by the professional photographer and professor Sarah Schorr. You can visit 28 different photography journals by clicking on the individual photos.

Course description:

In 2012, the practice of photography is arguably both accessible and democratic. The prevalence of digital cameras, GPS tracking devices, and camera phones inspires photographers to seek new forms and harness the power of the medium in a new media context. “In an era where we receive, take, and disseminate as well as tag, browse and edit photographic imagery, we are all the more invested, and more expert in the language of photography than ever before, and we have a greater appreciation for how photography can be a far from neutral or transparent vehicle for bridged and framed moments of real time,” writes Charlotte Cotton.

This course invites students to conceive of their own photographic project related to their own research interest. With each class meeting, students will engage in critiques and improve how to constructively converse about visual research. Guided critiques will both support and challenge students as they present material from their photo journal in order to build a body of visual work. This course will also introduce students to the work of artists and researchers who utilize varied methodologies in their photographic practice. Slide lectures will cover a survey of different photographic approaches.

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